Dec 1, 2022 | Ship classification news

ABS has announced the launch of ABS Wavesight, a new maritime software as a service (SaaS) company dedicated to helping shipowners and operators streamline compliance while maintaining competitive, more efficient, and sustainable operations.

ABS Wavesight combines the Nautical Systems and My Digital Fleet platforms, which are collectively installed on more than 5,000 vessels.

Christopher J Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President, and CEO said: “ABS Wavesight stands well above other maritime software companies by uniting the expansive offerings of Nautical Systems and the innovative performance and compliance tools of My Digital Fleet into one powerful new SaaS business,. ABS Wavesight complements ABS’ core classification services and is an important part of our overall enterprise strategy to support our clients and the industry in the development of cleaner, smarter and safer shipping operations.”

ABS Wavesight’s purpose-built, integrated solutions are said to ensure a cohesive user experience that reduces costs, improves safety and designs out inefficiencies.

Paul Sells, ABS Wavesight CEO and President, said: “Our vision for ABS Wavesight is to provide our clients with unmatched value through a suite of products that offer integrated solutions vs. fragmented vendor offerings, open APIs vs. closed systems that don’t share data, and a flexible architecture for easy system integration and maintenance vs. costly upgrades every few years. Our primary focus is developing software that helps clients gain more visibility into their existing operations to mitigate risk and deliver operational excellence as shipping pushes toward a new horizon.”

ABS Wavesight’s flagship products include My Digital Fleet, an AI-driven analytics and performance visualisation platform, and Nautical Systems, a fleet management system that provides comprehensive tools to improve reliability and performance. ABS Wavesight builds on these capabilities by seamlessly integrating both products to offer visibility into fleet assets and real-time insights that drive sustainable operations and reduce operational risks.

Key benefits of ABS Wavesight and its product features are:

  • A clear vision for maritime digital software with a broad, integrated product suite
  • Company reliability and stability backed by 160 years of ABS experience
  • Risk-based business intelligence with the ability to support predictive decision-making using artificial intelligence
  • CII impact calculation and prediction to avoid risk and improve the score
  • Deep insight into fuel spend while improving the efficacy of vessel routes
  • Seamless integration of industry-trusted, third-party data into one single platform

ABS Wavesight promotes strategic collaboration among industry partnerships, such as Kongsberg Digital and Sofar Ocean, with operators and owners, such as Capital Ship Management and Diana Shipping Services, which are implementing the My Digital Fleet platform to support organisational sustainability goals.

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