Jul 22, 2022 | Marine fuel & lubricant news

CSSC company SunRui’s in-house developed marine ammonia fuel supply system (AFSS) has been awarded Approval in Principle (AiP) certificate from LR and CCS classification societies.

The company says that the successful development of its own AFSS is a major breakthrough in the field of clean energy supply systems for ships, following the LNG and methanol fuel supply systems for ships. At present, ammonia is widely considered as one of the fuels with wide application prospects in the green and low-carbon transformation of the shipping industry. Under this context, SunRui and LR Classification Society signed a strategic cooperation agreement on technical cooperation in the application of marine clean energy such as ammonia fuel.

SunRui has developed an AFSS with independent intellectual property rights, considering key technologies of liquid ammonia bunkering, fuel storage, fuel supply and ammonia vapour processing, using two-stage temperature regulation, two-stage pressurisation and one-stage filtration technologies. The system comprises bunkering unit, ammonia storage unit, heat exchange and supply unit, ammonia vapour processing unit, security and monitoring system, control system and other units. The system is suitable for MAN-ES two-stroke ME-LGIA and WinGD two-stroke ammonia engines.

Due to the toxicity and corrosion of ammonia fuel, during the certification period, LR, CCS and SunRui conducted a comprehensive risk assessment of AFSS in key links of ammonia fuel. The assessment included bunkering, storage, supply, ammonia vapour processing, ventilation and layout. During the risk assessment, LR, CCS and SunRui identified potential safety hazards in each step. Meanwhile, corresponding protective measures are to be discussed and risks rated to ensure the safety and reliability of the AFSS design.

Along SunRui’s route to a greener future, it has developed a series of products such as EGCS, SCR, FGSS and LFSS.

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