Oct 9, 2023 | Ship classification news

DNV has presented Hanwha Ocean with an Approval in Principle (AiP) for an innovative 270,000m3 LNG carrier (LNGC) design, which maximises cargo capacity while optimising vessel performance.

The 345m long LNGC by Hanwha Ocean was heralded as a “ground-breaking achievement” by Vidar Dolonen, Regional Manager, Korea and Japan, DNV. The vessel, designed with a breadth (moulded) of 55m and five cargo tanks to minimise sloshing pressure, is to be equipped with a well-proven X-DF engine and re-liquification system to offer the best performance and significantly improve CII.

Dolonen said: “DNV is honoured to be chosen to review Hanwha Ocean’s pioneering 270K LNG carrier development. This innovative design signifies a ground-breaking achievement, pushing the boundaries in size and technological advancement.”

Under its class guidelines, DNV conducted a comprehensive structural verification and feasibility study. Critical structural details were validated throughout the advanced analysis. The sloshing calculation for cargo tanks was also reviewed, further contributing to the carrier’s enhanced structural reliability.

Jong Seo Kim, COO Hanwha Ocean said: “We believe this AiP marks the dawn of a new era in 270K LNG carrier designs and significantly enhances the competitiveness of ships built by Hanwha Ocean. Through our collaboration with DNV, we are proudly pioneering cutting-edge technologies within the Korean shipbuilding industry. Our commitment is to align with our clients’ needs and adhere to industry regulations, primarily focusing on creating a safer 270K LNG carrier.”

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