Oct 25, 2023 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

US maritime technology company Bearing AI has launched an AI-powered Fleet Deployment Optimizer, which has been developed based on in-depth feedback from global shipping company, and Bearing AI customer, Hapag-Lloyd.

Built on Bearing AI’s Decision Engine platform, the Fleet Deployment Optimizer helps customers accurately simulate future emissions and instantly compare the efficiency of different vessels across potential schedules. The tool helps customers maximise environmental compliance while still considering service requirements, fleet composition and other critical business needs.

Fleet Deployment Optimizer helps companies do the following:

  • Easily track the predicted CII performance of multiple vessels in one view, accounting for adjustments such as reefer usage
  • Accurately simulate emissions performance under different scenarios, predicting the resultant CII score from moving high-performing or more problematic vessels to an alternative service
  • Determine the optimal fleet deployment plan based various objectives: e.g. minimising the number of vessels receiving CII ratings of D and E across the entire fleet

Bearing AI says it is committed to pushing the boundary in maritime emissions management. Hapag-Lloyd shares this commitment and was a natural collaborator with Bearing on the development of the new product. Both parties understand that technology will play an important role in enabling companies to meet their emissions reduction goals while still maintaining service reliability and profitability.

During the collaborative development of the Fleet Deployment Optimizer, Bearing AI combined its experience in Artificial Intelligence with Hapag-Lloyd’s industry insights to ensure the Fleet Deployment Optimizer tackled some of the most pressing emissions-related challenges facing companies today.

Bearing AI Co-Founder and CEO Dylan Keil said: “We’re delighted to be working closely with Hapag-Lloyd, a company that’s passionate about the future of this industry. They share our dedication to developing and applying technologies that pave the way for more sustainable operations in this new green era of global shipping. Fleet Deployment Optimizer is one of the most significant recent developments in fleet management and it’s just the beginning – we’re excited to unveil its full potential, and continue to rapidly innovate with industry-leading customers like Hapag-Lloyd.”   

As part of Bearing’s broader AI Decision Engine platform, Fleet Deployment Optimizer is  continuously improving and Bearing plans on launching a series of enhancements in the near future. For example, Bearing is currently in the process of adding additional support for EU ETS. Ultimately, Bearing AI’s Decision Engine platform is expected to not only help shipping companies make more data-driven decisions, but also transform how the industry operates.

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