Feb 6, 2023 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

Norwegian fishing company Leinebris has chosen Brunvoll pulling azimuth propulsion for a new vessel which will be outfitted with innovative equipment from several suppliers and will be equipped for longline, net and seiner fishing.

The new Leinebris will like the existing vessel from 2015, be outfitted with Brunvoll propulsion and thruster systems. The new vessel will have a PU115 pulling azimuth thruster for propulsion and an AR63 retractable combi azimuth thruster for manoeuvring. The combi thruster functions as a tunnel thruster in retracted position. The delivery includes the BruCon PTC and BruCon JS control system, with Position Hold and Brunvoll’s innovative Fishpilot system.

The vessel is designed by Skipsteknisk and being built at Tersan Shipyard. The choice of propulsion solution is a result of a long-standing collaboration between the shipowner, ship designer and Brunvoll.

Åge Uran, Leinebris Chairman, said: “To choose Brunvoll as propulsion supplier was easy based on previous experiences. We are confident that we will be well taken care of. The experiences with retractable azimuth thrusters in the current Leinebris led us to choose it for the new build as well, and the solution with a pulling azimuth thruster for propulsion has been of interest to us for many years. We have emphasized environmental impact and manoeuvrability, and believe that this will be a good system, especially with longline, net, and seiner on the same vessel.”

The new Leinebris has been designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency and development of a flexible platform for longline, net and seiner fishing.

Although the pulling azimuth thruster has been used for many years in other vessel segments, Leinebris will become the first fishing vessel outfitted with a single pulling azimuth thruster for propulsion from Brunvoll. 

Tore Sæten Opsvik of Skipsteknisk said: “The solution with a pulling azimuth and a retractable azimuth thruster has been chosen based on simulations performed against other conventional solutions. The results show that this combination is ideal in accordance with the operational profile and the area of operation, while providing a flexible and redundant platform.”

The new vessel will be equipped with Brunvoll control system with Joystick and the new Fishpilot. Fishpilot is a system with dedicated functions for deployment and hauling of longline. During handling of the longline, the speed and direction of the vessel are automatically kept even under harsh environmental conditions. The vessel follows a selected route and speed. This will help ensure a favourable application of bait to the line during deployment, and the system will during hauling contribute to energy optimisation, reduced fish loss and less wear and tear on the fishing gear.

Uran concluded: “Brunvoll’s ability to deliver a more complete package with both propulsion and a control system with Fishpilot is important and useful for us.”

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