Nov 15, 2023 | Marine fuel & lubricant news

Chevron Marine Products’ new lubricating oil is highlighted in a White Paper that outlines how four stroke engine operators can benefit from the new lubricating oil’s versatility.

HDAX 9700 was created to provide a solution for engines that run on multiple liquid and gaseous fuels and applications that require a low sulphated ash lubricant. It is also suitable for dual fuel marine engines as HDAX 9700 has successfully completed more than 20,000 hours of testing in a Wärtsilä dual fuel engine.

Luc Verbeeke, Senior Staff Engineer Chevron Marine Products said: “HDAX 9700 brings many benefits for operators of four stroke engines. We worked to develop an optimised engine oil that could be used with multiple fuels without the need to specifically match one oil to one fuel, be it diesel, natural gas, LNG, compressed natural gas (CNG) or biofuel.”

The new white paper, HDAX 9700: Enabling the future of fuel flexibility, outlines how HDAX 9700 is recommended for dual fuel, medium-speed, four stroke cycle, trunk piston engines which alternate between burning natural gas, with diesel pilot fuel ignition, and up to 100% low sulphur fuels (<1000ppm sulphur). The oil enables vessel operators to switch from gas to low sulphur diesel and biofuels, without the need to change lubricant. With HDAX 9700, ship operators can benefit from fuel flexibility in their four-stroke, medium speed engines.

HDAX 9700 is uderstood to be the first lubricant to gain time-unrestricted approval for use with MAN Energy Solutions’ four stroke engines running on either LNG or distillate fuels (with a sulphur content of up to 0.10%). It has field service experience and is recommended for engines in vessels operating in several marine applications, such as coastal and inland marine. These high output engines may be turbocharged and equipped with exhaust catalyst systems.

Verbeeke added: “HDAX 9700 offers advantages and options for four stroke engine operators using a variety of fuels.”

The white paper can be downloaded by filling in the form here

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