Dec 12, 2023 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Environmental-focused digital maritime platform RightShip is launching three new subscription tiers to its data and services for owners and managers: RightFleet Starter, RightFleet Lite, and RightFleet Enterprise.

This new tiered model ensures that ship owners and managers of varied fleet sizes have access to essential RightShip insights and data.

RightFleet is designed to help ship owners and managers optimise their vessel performance, reduce operational risks, and enhance their environmental credentials. Subscribers can view and monitor Safety Scores, GHG Ratings, and RightShip Inspection results for their entire fleet or individual vessels. They can submit key data to maintain their ratings and receive a prioritised review by RightShip experts. 

The launch of three tiers for RightFleet ensures that access to key data for ship owners and managers is flexible and tailored to their needs, allowing subscribers to choose the number of vessels they need, starting from a single vessel. It also offers exclusive benefits such as a dedicated key account manager and alerts on data requirements. 

RightFleet’s three tiers will provide ship owners and managers of all sizes access to key data and services. RightFleet Starter is designed for ship owners or customers curious about the product, RightFleet Lite is intended for owners and managers with small fleets of up to 10 vessels, and RightFleet Enterprise is tailored for larger fleets and offers additional features such as custom vessel and company lists, notifications, and a vessel activity timeline. 

RightShip Head of Commercial, Andy Symonds said: “The new tiered RightFleet system is a game-changer for ship owners and managers who want to secure more charter contracts and increase their profitability in today’s challenging market. RightFleet gives them access to the same data and insights that charterers use to make their decisions, enabling them to proactively manage their fleet performance, reputation, and sustainability. RightFleet is also a great way to demonstrate their commitment to safety and environmental excellence, which are increasingly important factors for charterers and regulators.”

RightShip CEO Steen Lund (pictured) said: “RightFleet furthers our vision of a zero harm maritime industry. By empowering ship owners and managers with the data and insights they need to improve their fleet performance, we are not only helping them to meet the expectations of charterers and regulators, but also to contribute to the global goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing maritime safety.”

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