Jul 27, 2023 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

US maritime AI company Bearing AI has received ClassNK’s Innovation Endorsement for Products and Solutions, certification which aims to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies, and to establish appropriate evaluation criteria for new innovative technologies .

The Silicon Valley-based company’s solutions are powered by deep learning ship performance models that are said to be significantly more accurate than traditional physics-based models. The endorsement reaffirms the function of Bearing AI’s platform, Bearing CII Optimizer, designed to help manage CII compliance, and its capacity to optimise the commercial and operational decision-making of maritime companies.

Bearing AI CEO Dylan Keil said: “We’re honoured to receive this prestigious endorsement from ClassNK. It reinforces the industry’s recognition of Bearing AI as the leading platform for CII optimisation and emissions management. Our AI platform helps companies turn new environmental regulations into true competitive advantages; placing themselves at the forefront of this massive shift towards green shipping.”

With the IE Products and Solutions certification, ClassNK has examined and verified Bearing CII Optimizer’s innovative functions. By leveraging large quantities of real-world data and incorporating seaway variables, Bearing AI is able to provide proactive recommendations for meeting and maintaining compliance, helping shipping companies make data-driven decisions.

CII is one of a new wave of carbon emissions regulations sweeping the maritime shipping industry — with the European Union ETS close behind. Forward-thinking maritime companies are acting quickly, and looking for a fast, accurate emissions prediction and tracking solution.

Keil said: “The strides our team of AI and shipping experts has made in the application of AI to this essential industry will go far beyond CII optimisation and emissions management. Bearing AI’s solution provides shipowners and operators with carbon emissions predictions and simulations that are up to 98% accurate — the most accurate in the industry. Bearing AI is building the best — and only — purpose-built AI platform for green shipping. Our technology is going to transform the operations of the global fleet.”

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