Mar 29, 2023 | Ship classification news

Classification Society ClassNK has granted its Class C Innovation Endorsement Provider Certification to Yusen Logistics Co of Japan.

ClassNK offers its third-party Innovation Endorsement ‘Provider Certification’, which supports innovative initiatives, to companies and organisations. As companies pursue ESG-orientated management and SDGs, ClassNK conducts third-party certification on the initiatives to transform their own business methods and organisation to establish a sustainable and competitive business.

There are three categories of certification available to companies according to their innovation activity stage:

  • Class C (Concept: Organisational policy and system in place for innovation)
  • Class D (Development: Specific innovation activities being carried out)
  • Class S (Sustainable Implementation: Sustainable innovation with results implemented in the business)

Yusen Logistics set a group goal of achieving net-zero emissions for all services by 2050 to realise sustainable growth and development for all stakeholders. As an interim goal, it aims to start providing net-zero emission services by 2030, which covers the entire supply chain of customers including logistics by building solutions using digital technology. The company has established a ‘Corporate Sustainability Group’ to comprehensively consider and visualize the best balance between the logistics business and social issues faced by customers and provide optimal solutions.

ClassNK carried out the review focusing on Yusen Logistics’ policy, planning, and organisation to achieve sustainable growth of the group and its stakeholders, then issued the Class C Innovation Endorsement Certificate for Providers as the organisational structure was found to meet the requirements of the Class C stage.

ClassNK will further promote its Innovation Endorsement for Ships, Products and Solutions, and Providers, and strive to support innovative technologies and initiatives.

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