Jul 20, 2022 | Ship classification news

ClassNK intends to add a function for SEEMP Part III development to its ClassNK MRV Portal on 2 August, in preparation for the start of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating in 2023.

It is required for ships of 5,000gt and above engaged in the international voyage to develop a ship operational carbon intensity plan (SEEMP Part III) with the IMO designating format, which should include CII calculation methodology, required CII values over the next three years, an implementation plan for achieving the required CII and procedures for self-evaluation and improvement. The plan should be confirmed by the flag administration or RO during 2022.

For shipping companies, a considerable amount of work is expected to develop SEEMP Part III within a relatively short time by calculating the required CII values from fuel consumption data for each vessel and preparing the ship-specific plans for achieving the required CII including slow steaming. ClassNK’s MRV Portal is a supporting tool for fuel consumption reporting systems such as IMO DCS and EU MRV. With the newly added SEEMP Part III function, the required CII values can be automatically calculated from individual ship data stored in the ClassNK MRV Portal without additional work. Reflecting the information selected and entered by the user, it outputs a plan for achieving the required CII values in the designated format, which can be submitted for class approval.

SEEMP Part III requires periodic updates every three years, and the update and approval of the plan when the CII rating is “E” or “D” for three consecutive years. The automatic calculation of the required CII values and support for preparing the improvement plan can also be utilised. ClassNK says its MRV Portal frees users from the cumbersome documentation and submission process regarding SEEMP Part III, and provides strong support for compliance with the regulation both within the year and on an ongoing basis.

ClassNK MRV Portal can be used regardless of ships’ classification. Details and applications are available on the ClassNK website.

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