Jul 8, 2022 | Ship's deck & cargo news

Western Australia shipbuilder Austal has established a strategic partnership with Spectainer, an industrial technology developer for shipping and logistics, which has  developed an innovative, fully patented collapsible container, Collapsecon, and associated, fully automated Collapsecon Operating Station (COS) that improves operational efficiencies, delivers economic savings and reduces environmental impact across global logistics supply chains, without requiring a fundamental change to the industry or trade.

Collapsecon containers are designed so that four collapsed containers may be transported in one container, resulting in meaningful economic savings, increased operational productivity on land and sea, and reduced carbon emissions. The strategic partnership is centred on optimising COLLAPSECON and COS for mass manufacturing at Austal Vietnam’s shipyard in Vung tau; and includes developing production capability, capacity and the necessary material supply chain to support mass production of Collapsecon and COS.

Austal CEO Paddy Gregg said: “Austal is very excited to be involved with Spectainer in a venture that has tremendous potential to positively impact global greenhouse emissions. We are confident that our team of skilled engineers, in Vietnam and Australia, working closely with Spectainer will successfully bring this game-changing product to market.”

Spectainer MD Nicholas Press said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Austal for the optimisation and mass production of Collapsecon and COS. Austal is one of the best ship builders not just in Australia, but globally. Austal partnering with Spectainer for mass manufacturing will ensure that we can deliver Collapsecon and COS reliably, cost effectively and at scale, thus enabling us to achieve our goal of establishing Collapsecon as the world’s first mass-produced collapsible container solution”.

Austal and Spectainer have entered the strategic partnership with the aim of developing a business model that may be formally established as a manufacturing supply contract within the next six months.

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