Jun 28, 2023 | offshore marine news, Marine environment & clean shipping news

Bergen-based energy storage company Corvus Energy is taking part in a pilot for the Blåvinge project, which aims to bring together partners to unlock the huge potential of offshore wind for Norway’s green energy future.

The long-term partnership comprises two of Norway’s largest renewable energy companies, Fred Olsen Seawind and Hafslund Eco, and offshore wind developer Ørsted, headquartered in Denmark. The pilot project is undertaken through Norway’s Green Shipping Program. The goal is to realize zero-emission solutions for the installation and operation of floating offshore wind turbines. The Green Shipping Program (GSP) is a partnership program between private and public actors whose goal is to contribute to Norway developing the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly shipping. Blåvinge is the pilot owner for the new project in GSP together with DNV and a number of other partners. The pilot aims to explore whether installation vessels for floating offshore wind, and in particular anchor handling vessels, can use green ammonia as an energy carrier for maritime operations.

Installation and maintenance of the offshore wind farms requires extensive use of offshore vessels and especially anchor handling vessels. 100% emission reduction can only be achieved through carbon-neutral fuels, such as green ammonia. Emissions from offshore vessels currently account for the single largest emission item in Norwegian waters. This is due both to great activity on the Norwegian continental shelf, but also to the fact that these are energy-intensive operations (emissions per nautical mile).

In the first instance, the GSP participants will carry out a feasibility study which involves assessing technical and financial feasibility. In addition, framework conditions and possible barriers for local value chains for ammonia will be looked at.

GSP project manager Magnus Eide of DNV said: “Norway has particularly favourable conditions for the production and distribution of green ammonia, as we have access to clean, electric power and we have leading expertise in the production of ammonia. In addition to realising emission reductions for floating offshore wind in Norway, we see a potential for further use and application of the technology in the Norwegian and international offshore industry.”

A start-up meeting has been held in Oslo, where, although the work is in an early phase, the participants expressed ambitions for the project to enable the use of green ammonia for anchor handling ships in the installation and operational phase of Blaavinge’s floating offshore wind project at Utsira Nord.

The pilot project partners are, beside Blåvinge: Yara, Karmsund Havn, Azane, Wärtsilä, Norwegian Maritime Directorate, ABB, DNB, Corvus Energy, Vard and Amon Maritime

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