Sep 12, 2022 | Marine environment & clean shipping news

The Damen Shipyards group has suggested several possibilities for entrepreneurs in fishing to improve their fleet in terms of emissions, fuel economy, energy efficiency and profitability, including electric propulsion, alternative fuels and exhaust treatment, as well as financing possibilities.

Damen Maaskant MD Eric Moerkerk said: “North Sea fishery is facing difficult times, but Damen Maaskant sees a future. Demand for fish will grow as a result of population growth and the need for more healthy food. We offer maritime solutions that can make a fishing vessel future proof. We provide tailor made solutions for any vessel. The choice is to the fishermen.”

Hybrid or electric propulsion, alternative clean fuels like methanol or hydrogen, exhaust treatment systems and energy efficient deck equipment have been developed within Damen Shipyards Group and applied onboard different types of vessels delivered. These include compact systems that filter NOx from exhaust gas, a small size SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) installation which will fit in the engine room of any fishing vessel and is combined with sound damping and soot filtering. Damen Maaskant can carry out such conversions, having recently won the Shellfish sustainability and innovation prize, recognising the efforts to help in the transition towards a zero-emission fishing fleet.

As well as Damen’s own solutions, suppliers like ABC, EST Floattech and Nedstack are contributing to a sustainable fleet. The Belgian engine manufacturer ABC has a power source that runs on diesel, methanol as well as hydrogen. Nedstack’s modular and extendable fuel cell system generates electricity from hydrogen. EST Floattech’s stack of linkable batteries can be customised to suit the available space on board. This may provide the power for either full electric propulsion, hybrid propulsion with stretches of the route only navigated on electric power, down to using electricity for peak shaving. To clarify possibilities of financial support from the government, the Dutch state office for entrepreneurial support (RVO) can assist fishermen looking for an ecological upgrade of their vessel. This can be achieved with the help of consultancy Craeghs which can help in acquiring optimum funding from government agency programmes in fishing vessel conversion projects. Craeghs has successfully supported several recent projects at Damen Maaskant.

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