May 20, 2022 | Water & waste management news

Damen Shipyards Group and Swedish company Bawat have agreed that Damen Green Solutions is given the rights to sell, install and promote Bawat’s ship-based ballast water management system (BWMS) which uses waste heat rather than chemicals or UV lamps.

Damen says it has chosen Bawat as it fits the green approach for its business in the newbuild and retrofit markets.

Marcel Karsijns, Director, Damen Green Solutions, said: “Adding Bawat as partner fits very well with our strategy in establishing partnerships with leading green manufacturers as well as making it possible to create retrofit service packages that cover every aspect of the design, installation, and compliance processes.”

Rutger van Dam, Sales Manager, Damen Green Solutions, added: “By using the surplus heat recourses from the vessel and turn it into a neutraliser for living organisms, basically eco-friendly pasteurisation which is the greenest way to treat ballast water available in the market. With at least 35,000 vessels still needing to comply with international ballast water treatment legislation in the near future, we will now be able to offer ship owners Bawat’s green BWMS solution that heat treat ballast water using heat primarily from the main engine. All in all, a real green solution that uses no chemicals nor UV lamps.”

Marcus Hummer, CEO Bawat, said: “Working with a global player as Damen is a fantastic stamp of approval of our Bawat ballast water management system and how we work as a company, and we are convinced the cooperation will benefit the maritime industry looking for green solutions.”

Currently Damen and Bawat have identified the first common project. The full potential of the agreement is expected to materialise over time.

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