Nov 24, 2023 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Copenhagen-based maritime technology provider Danelec has acquired the Nautilus Labs technology platform, a move which the company says will carve a niche in the market, leveraging equipment expertise and robust analytics capabilities to enhance Danelec’s existing sustainability and safety solutions.

Danelec CEO Casper Jensen said: “With the acquisition of Nautilus Labs’ AI-based technology platform, we are looking to broaden our scope of impact. Not only do we get to build on the market-leading maritime analytics platform that Nautilus Labs has spent the last seven years building, we are also onboarding a team of industry top talent.”

The Nautilus Labs platform will continue in its current form and support its customers on existing terms. However, leveraging the synergies of Danelec’s onboard capabilities within data capturing and Nautilus Lab’s capabilities within analytics and machine learning, new and more impactful solutions are at the centre of the joint value proposition guiding this strategic acquisition.

With the acquisition, Danelec is expanding its capabilities into the realm of vessel optimisation. The combined suite aims to provide a comprehensive solution for fleet efficiency, incorporating shaft power meters, digital data capturing, and Nautilus Labs’ fleet performance platform, providing customers with valuable insight to optimise operations, realise savings, and ensure compliance.

Jensen continued: “The maritime sector is currently undergoing rapid digitalisation and to secure a solid foundation for this digital transformation, it is key that it stands on the shoulders of high-quality, high-frequency data. With the acquisition of Nautilus Labs’ technology platform, we are able to serve our customers from end-to-end of their digital journey. With our installed base of 13,000 vessels, we feel confident that we are well-positioned to commercialise Nautilus Lab’s technology platform.”

While the integration of the AI-based technology platform will enable Danelec to expand horizontally within the market of maritime digitalisation, the acquired capabilities will not change the agnostic approach that is said to characterise Danelec’s position in the market.

Jensen said: “Our business model is – and will continue to be – technology agnostic. Our position in the maritime market is built on our open platform approach that is well-known from our VDR business as well as our shaft power, and ship performance business. We don’t need to lock our customers in – we believe that we can bring the most useful solutions to the market if we have our customers and their needs at the enter of our offerings. To do so, we deliver solutions that can tap into our customers’ existing setups to fit their needs. With our latest acquisition, we can now deliver end-to-end.”

Matt Heider, CEO Nautilus Labs said: “We are excited to see Nautilus Platform come to life in the hands of Danelec and to advance it further on top of the solid foundation of high quality, high frequency data captured from Danelec’s extensive install base. Together, we can’t wait to deliver even more value to our customers.”

This is Danelec’s third acquisition within two years, following purchase of Kyma and of the VDR and MDE business of MacGregor.

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