Feb 7, 2024 | Marine environment & clean shipping news

An ambitious target set by the EU to reduce GHG emissions by 90% before 2040 at the latest has been welcomed by Danske Rederier (Danish Shipping).

According to Danske Rederier, such a reduction is considered to require ambitious targets as well as ambitious and effective implementation if there is going to be real progress in the green transition in order to reach the goal of climate neutrality by 2050. Therefore, Danish Shipping welcomes the EU’s new climate target. The EU’s new target acknowledges the recommendation of the European Climate Council, which points to a 90%-95% reduction compared to 1990 levels by 2040. The Danish government has actively supported this target as the first member state.

Nina Porst, Director of Climate, Environment, and Safety, Danish Shipping said: “I’m pleased that the EU and the Danish government are leading the way on the climate agenda. Now, there is a significant task ahead in developing the concrete regulations necessary to make the 90% target a reality.”

At Danish Shipping, there is a natural interest in what new EU regulations will entail for the shipping industry. Already, the IMO has adopted a very ambitious goal for the global shipping industry to be climate-neutral by around 2050.

Porst continued: “Shipping is a global industry. Therefore, we need global regulations to reduce the maritime sector’s carbon footprint. It is necessary for new EU regulations and new IMO regulations to align. I hope that the EU’s high level of ambition and its work on shaping the necessary regulations can help push the work in the IMO forward, so we can establish global climate regulations for shipping.”

Danish Shipping hopes that the Belgian EU Presidency will prioritise the work on developing the concrete regulations needed to make the impressive target a reality.

Image: EU flags (source: Danske Rederier)

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