May 25, 2023 | Maritime business news

Wärtsilä has signed a contract to deliver a Wärtsilä 20 engine to Danish maritime education centre Svendborg International Maritime Academy’s (SIMAC), which will operate as part of SIMAC’s machinery laboratories, while at the same time delivering power to the local utility grid.

The new SIMAC laboratory will be designed around the Wärtsilä engine and will include a control room and needed auxiliary systems to be able to simulate a real engine room. Having the possibility to train on a modern engine that may well be operational on ships where they will be later working, provides the students with valuable hands-on experience.

Lisbeth Anna Skrae, Head of Education, SIMAC said: “The Wärtsilä equipment will mean that the engine lab has up-to-date equipment for our students to train on. This will allow them to be as prepared as possible for taking on future challenges at sea. At the same time will this also act as a starting point for a deeper cooperation with Wärtsilä Denmark beyond the engine where we jointly will explore how we can connect to foster stronger learnings.”

Jesper Bonde, MD Wärtsilä Danmark and Wärtsilä Director of Business Innovation added: “We are pleased to be able to support the development of future maritime talent. The industry is undergoing a rapid transformation towards decarbonised operations, and for this efficiency is a central pillar. It means that efficient equipment will need to be operated and maintained by well qualified personnel if the benefits are to be fully realised. This is why expert training is important, and why we want to be very much involved.”

Delivery of the Wärtsilä engine is planned for August 2023. SIMAC offers three educational programmes to approximately 800 participating students each year.

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