Jun 11, 2024 | Ship design & naval architecture news

Five new designs for very large gas carrier (VLGC) ships developed by Deltamarin and China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) have received Approval in Principle (AiP) from classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR).

The AiP certificate is issued for next-generation concept designs of 99,000m3 ethane fuelled very large ethane carrier (VLEC), 88,000m3 and 93,000m3 LPG fuelled very large LPG carriers (VLGC), and 88,000m3 and 93,000m3 ammonia fuelled very large ammonia carriers (VLAC).

Over multiple studies, a set of innovative main dimensions has been defined for these five new designs. The slightly smaller vessels can easily access the old Panama lock, while the larger ones are given the possibility to enjoy the priority privilege during Panama transit. The VLEC will use ethane as fuel and be equipped with CMHI’s self-developed independent type B tanks.

The optimised fuel storage and propulsion configuration provide clients with higher energy efficiency and greater economic flexibility. The VLGCs and VLACs will be fitted with independent type A tanks and will use LPG and ammonia as fuel, respectively. The fuel systems in all designs will enhance the operational efficiency and safety while contributing to a cleaner shipping industry.

Image: VLGC design proposals (credit: Deltamarin)

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