Aug 31, 2023 | Marine environment & clean shipping news

According to industry organisation Danish Shipping, Denmark is poised to lead the way and ensure that the historic IMO agreement on climate-neutral shipping by or around 2050 must be put into action as quickly and effectively as possible.

Danish Shipping belives that it has already set its course toward a carbon-neutral future, and global shipping must now align with the same trajectory. Danish Business Minister Morten Bødskov has initiated a ‘summit’ involving the Danish Maritime Authority and several top executives from the shipping industry discuss how climate-neutral shipping can rapidly be realised.

Bødskov said: “Denmark took the lead when we needed the most ambitious climate agreement in shipping. Now that we have achieved a historic agreement, we need to accelerate the international maritime industry’s green transition. Our shipping companies are already at the forefront, but we need to continue the green development. It requires collaboration across borders, so Denmark shows the way to climate-neutral shipping.”

There was broad consensus at the summit that the close dialogue and collaboration between the ministry, the Danish Maritime Authority, and the shipping industry should continue, following the collaboration’s instrumental role in the outcome at the IMO meeting in London in July. Furthermore, it is considered essential to continue and strengthen the close cooperation with countries that share Denmark’s stance, while pushing to involve the least developed countries. This necessitates ongoing efforts to engage in international forums.

Danish Shipping CEO Anne H Steffensen said: “Now it’s about taking responsibility and acting swiftly – and we need everyone on board. The future on the world’s oceans is green. This requires us to establish the necessary regulations and economic and technical measures by 2025, so that the overarching goal of climate-neutral shipping by or around 2050 can be achieved.”

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