Feb 6, 2024 | Marine fuel & lubricant news

New magnetic-drive centrifugal pumps from Desmi are designed for methanol fuel systems, combining the efficiency and reliability of centrifugal pumps with a magnetic coupling which eliminates the traditional shaft seal solution in the pump.

As the pump chamber is completely sealed, there is virtually zero risk of methanol leakage. While the magnetic coupling is a new feature on Desmi centrifugal pumps, the technology itself is not new to Desmi.

Sales Manager Gas Systems, Martin Bro said: “We introduced magnetic coupling technology in the 1990s, so we’re building on three decades of solid experience here.”

The Desmi mag-drive centrifugal pump is intended for methanol fuel systems on new-build dual-fuel ships and can be retrofitted on existing vessels. It is part of Desmi’s complete portfolio of marine pumps which covers a wide range of applications.

Bro continued: “We can supply pumps for the entire fuel pathway from bunkering vessel to engine room. In addition to mag-drive centrifugal pumps for methanol transportation, we offer pumps for applications such as boosting, draining, and water heating. And we always look beyond the pumps and work with our partners and customers to design a solution that fits the specific requirements to the letter.”

The new pump has various class approvals and certifications, including from ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, KR, and LR. Built for compliance with the IGF Code, it is designed to meet the rigorous safety standards for ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels, and for installation in Atex zone I if required. Its built-in temperature sensor detects overheating and helps avoid breakdowns. The pump can be specified with a leakage sensor.

Bro concluded: “It’s ironic that methanol, which can really reduce the climate impact of the shipping industry, is itself so toxic and flammable. But that’s the reality, and with the right technical solutions, these challenges can be overcome. We’re dedicated to sustainability and energy efficiency, and we’ve worked to reduce the climate impact from shipping for decades. I’m confident that the mag-drive centrifugal pump will help us continue this evolution and contribute to a better future.”

Image: Methanol fuel pump (source: Desmi)

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