Jun 8, 2022 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

UK engine company Cox Powertrain says that its lean-burning 300hp diesel engine now offers the most powerful outboard solution available on Lake Constance (Bodensee) after achieving an additional BSO-II certification.

Achieved in collaboration with Swedish and German distributor Diesel Power, the certification demonstrates that the CXO300 is a clean-burning engine designed to meet evolving emissions regulations worldwide. The new Lake Constance approval for CXO300 twin installations is believed to be a rare exception to the standard rule allowing only a single gasoline outboard up to 100hp to operate on the protected water.

Bordered by Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Lake Constance is regulated by the Lake Constance Shipping Regulations, working towards safeguarding its natural environment, granting special rights to passenger ships and fishing boats to operate on its waters. The 63km lake is known for its tranquillity and beauty, and is also a popular destination.

Peter Nauwerck, MD Diesel Power, said: “We are extremely pleased to announce the new CXO300 certification for twin installations, enabling Diesel Power to offer a new and unique eco-friendly outboard propulsion solution to our customers using Lake Constance. It represents a notable exception to the lake’s standard rule – providing boaters with a more powerful system, which quadruples the outboard torque to bring heavier boats on plane.”

The CXO300 produces 20-35% less CO2 emission than comparable gasoline outboards, contributing to Lake Constance upholding its regulations to protect its natural environment. Strict emissions standards for the lake, reaching beyond the general levels applicable for the European Union, required the 300hp CXO300 to prove an emission index no greater than 58. To gain the twin installation BSO-II certificate, the CXO300 registered an emission index of 54.34, calculated using four parameters of CO, NOx, HC and PN.

Hugh Hudleston, Head of Sales, Cox Powertrain, said: “After achieving the BSO-II standard for single installs in 2021 in the first stage of the submission, we are delighted the more stringent twin install has been reviewed and approved by the relevant authorities. The Lake Constance certification proves the CXO300 is safe to operate in the world’s most protected lakes and regions. Lowering emissions that are harmful to our natural environment was central to the innovative engineering and design of the market-revolutionising CXO300 outboard and continues to be key to our business philosophy. Cox Marine is committed to leading the development of propulsion systems to produce lower CO2 emissions.”

Mats Hallberg, Export Sales Manager, Diesel Power, said: “The approval for the CXO300 diesel outboard twin installation for use on the lake is further proof that the engine is much cleaner than the corresponding petrol outboard. For many years, Lake Constance has been known for its tough emission standard so we are very proud that we can offer this product to our customers.”

Designed for both commercial and recreational use, the CXO300 diesel outboard claims up to 30% fuel savings, 30% lower CO2 emissions, and 479 lb ft torque. Supported by a network of 30 distributors covering over 100 territories, the CXO300 outboard engine is available to order globally.

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