Sep 19, 2023 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and Korean ship operator Pan Ocean have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaboration in development of comprehensive digital solutions, with a strong emphasis on maximisation of operational efficiency through a digital platform.

Under the agreement, SHI plans integration of its digital twin-based ship management platform to a Pan Ocean 174,000m3 LNG carrier, New Apex, in January 2024 for demonstration. This intelligent AI-based ship management platform is to analyse navigation data in real time, enabling integrated management and maintenance of all systems in a ship with optimisation, and thereby maximising cost savings in ship operation (Opex).

Following the demonstration of the platform, both companies plan to continue their collaboration to expand application of digital solutions for autonomous navigation.

Jung Jin-taek, SHI President  said: “Samsung Heavy Industries is focusing on digital twin, a core technology in autonomous navigation, and will further enhance its skills through this collaboration to lead the global market.”

Ahn Jung-ho, CEO Pan Ocean, said: “The maritime transport sector is certain to undergo significant changes from a digitalisation perspective, driven by the need for next-generation communication networks, environmental regulations, and energy conservation. Pan Ocean will do its utmost with navigation expertise to set the standards when it comes to the digitalisation in the shipping industry through the results of this collaboration. “

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