Nov 6, 2023 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Connectivity specialist IEC Telecom says that digital technology can play a crucial role in helping the shipping industry to decarbonise.

Gwenaël Lohéac (pictured), MD and President – Europe, IEC Telecom Group, said: “Digitalisation and decarbonisation go hand-in-hand. As shipping companies commit to the most fuel-efficient routes for their vessels to support carbon emission reduction targets, digital fleet management systems must also constantly evolve and utilise real-time data. Whether we look at vessel performance, sea conditions, or remote maintenance, digital technologies can help to prevent breakdowns and empower the shipping sector to remain competitive and sustainable. With COP28 around the corner, we are committed to the progress of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming. We are excited to support our customers in this journey by enabling best-in-class connectivity solutions for their fleets.”

As well as empowering decision-makers with data-driven recommendations, the company believes that digital technologies on digitally-enabled vessels can reduce CO2 emissions by 38% while enhanced connectivity can increase profitability by 4% to 17%.

As a provider of satellite communications solutions, IEC Telecom Group believes it is at the forefront of meeting the increasing demand from ship operators for connectivity at sea, including applications linked to the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), safety solutions, and regulatory compliance. IEC Telecom Group’s continued commitment to bringing the benefits of digitalisation to all types of vessels at sea is reflected in its new generation hybrid LEO/GEO/GSM connectivity solution for the maritime sector, the Xpand Portfolio. Xpand is powered by Starlink, offering network connectivity of up to 220Mbps across Starlink’s international footprint. Xpand also features resilient L-band back-up connectivity up to 700 kbps, powered by Iridium Certus globally.

Enabled by the OneGate network management solution, Xpand supports terrestrial networks in close proximity to the shore. In addition, OneGate offers a wide range of value-added services such as filtration, bandwidth optimisation, credit limit management, 24/7 support, and more. While digitalisation facilitates decarbonisation at sea, business continuity is another key to success. Applications such as videoconferencing, remote management, and CCTV surveillance help to resolve a lot of operational tasks while the vessel continues to follow its course, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

IEC Telecom has developed a suite of optimised applications, enabling its services to fully function on connections of under 100 Kbps, thereby ensuring lasting digitisation and empowering decarbonisation at sea.

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