Sep 26, 2023 | Ship design & naval architecture news

Korea Shipbuilding has obtained Concept Approval (Approval in Principle, AiP) for its Suezmax tanker methanol dual-fuel propulsion concept from Norwegian classification body DNV.

The methanol-fuelled vessel is designed as an eco-friendly ship to respond to the tightening GHG emission regulations (net zero target by 2050). The system related to the supply, storage, and supply of methanol fuel was independently designed by Korea Shipbuilding, and the equipment skid drawings and process analysis were completed in collaboration with Sunbo Industries.

Methanol fuel is considered a low-carbon fuel that can respond to the IMO mid- to long-term GHG strategy. In addition, green methanol, which synthesises green hydrogen obtained through water electrolysis and CO2 captured by solar and wind power, is in the spotlight as a carbon-free fuel.

Korea Shipbuilding is conducting technical verification of the methanol fuel tank with DNV and the Marine Cable Technology Research Center of Mokpo University, and has applied a rectangular fuel storage tank with a special coating applied to carbon materials instead of expensive stainless steel to withstand strong fuels. In addition, the company is speeding up the development of technology to secure price competitiveness.

Park Bong-woon, head of Korea Shipbuilding Technology Office, said: “We are strengthening the technological competitiveness of eco-friendly propulsion technology for mid-sized shipyards by acquiring AiP for the fuel supply system for methanol dual-fuel propulsion vessels to tanker ships, which are the main type of ships, following container methanol propulsion vessels in July this year.”

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