Sep 19, 2023 | Shipbuilding & ship repair news

Astilleros Gondan has simultaneously achieved two significant milestones: the successful delivery of the vessel ‘Edda Nordri’ and the launching of a second CSOV, yard number C492.

In addition, the yard’s expanded facilities are actively engaged with a strong workload, including a buoy tender vessel for Scotland, an advanced unmanned service vessel for Norway, and eco-friendly electric ferries for Portugal.

Delivery of Edda Nordri took place in the Port of El Musel in Gijón, followed by the official launch of C492 at Gondan’s main facilities in Castropol, Asturias. This new CSOV – the fourth of the six vessels series ordered by Edda Wind – is a product of collaborative efforts and detailed craftsmanship.

With enhanced production capabilities, Gondan’s expanded facilities are expected to further the tradition of delivering reliable and innovative vessels. The yard has been actively managing the construction of six green fuel-ready Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs), and crafting a buoy handling vessel for the Northern Lighthouse Board of Scotland. A collaboration with partners Østensjø Rederi, Solstad, and Deep Ocean has resulted in the development of an advanced uncrewed surface vessel. Additionally, Gondan is currently building 10 fully electric ferries for Transtejo-Soflusa in Portugal, marking a significant step towards eco-friendly transportation.

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