Oct 13, 2023 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Daphne Technology’s PureMetrics system, designed to directly measure and report real-time GHG emissions, has received an upgrade with new reporting and optimisation features.

The system is said to eliminate reliance on fuel consumption estimates, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations such as  EU MRV and IMO Data Collection System (DCS). PureMetrics has integrated  established systems for reporting and verification. Users can now benefit from reporting to MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) and DCR (Data Collection and Reporting) standards, ensuring compliance and transparency in emissions collection and reporting and enabling accurate estimation of the carbon intensity of goods transported by sea.

Daphne Technology has released PureMetrics-Compare, which allows users to combine noon reporting fuel consumption with direct measurement against current factoring methods. This is of benefit as users can assess the baseline of other emissions, such as methane slip, typically unknown to users and only known to engine makers. The feature provides users with the ability to align the period selection on a timeline. For maritime assets, users can also view the location of the assets and where the most emissions are present, either at port or sea, in a timeline or a heatmap.

PureMetrics-Optimize provides insights on the operational regimes of the machinery that contribute most GHG, positioning it as a means to select the best abatement and operational profile to minimise these emissions.

Daphne Technology has installed the PureMetrics solution on the Maran Gas Chios, which, while still in the early stages of data collection, means that Daphne is confident that PureMetrics will be able to revolutionise GHG emissions management in the maritime sector. Initial feedback from this pilot installation has been positive. As PureMetrics is still at an early stage, Daphne is committed to continually enhancing the solution to meet evolving needs and provide a powerful tool for emissions reduction.

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