Dec 18, 2023 | Maritime & emissions research news

The Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping (MMMZCS) and global energy analyst Rystad Energy have signed a Knowledge Partnership Agreement to formalise their collaboration.

As official partners, MMMZCS and Rystad Energy have embarked on a long-term commitment to collaborate strategically on decarbonising the maritime industry.

As an independent energy research and business intelligence company that tracks and analyses global energy flows with millions of data points, Rystad Energy is well positioned to support MMMZCS with valuable insights on the global energy transition. This will strengthen the understanding on how to advance the maritime industry’s role in the transition and accelerate industry efforts to decarbonise the maritime sector by 2050.

Bo Cerup-Simonsen, CEO MMMZCS, said: “Rystad Energy’s comprehensive data and insights will not only add extra strength to our detailed work on Green Shipping Corridors, but it will also improve our ability to understand and showcase the maritime industry’s decarbonisation pathways in the context of the global energy transition. We are very happy to welcome Rystad Energy to our partner network.”

Jarand Rystad, CEO Rystad Energy, said: “Rystad Energy is proud to join the Center Partner Network and to support the vital mission of decarbonising the maritime industry. Our bottom-up granular data and research on the entire global energy system will help provide valuable insights into the feasibility of Green Shipping Corridors and the maritime industry’s role in the energy transition.”

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