Feb 3, 2023 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

From January 1, 2024, the ‘Rygerbuen’, which operates for Rødne Trafikk as a car ferry between Stavanger and Vassøy, will become zero-emission vessel with electric propulsion from Brunvoll.

Brunvoll, which specialises in system supplies for workboats and smaller passenger vessels, has gained expertise from several electric and hybrid system deliveries, for example for crew transfer, passenger, research and a variety of service vessels.

Ragnhild Opsahl Steigen, Technical Manager Rødne, said: “In Rødne, we are very excited to start working on our second battery-powered vessel. Through the rebuilding of Rygerbuen, we contribute with important environmental measures to reduce emissions and protect the environment. We have collaborated with Brunvoll for many years and look forward to carrying out this project together.”

Bjørn Svendsen, VP Sales and Marketing, Brunvoll, said: “We are very pleased that Rødne chose Brunvoll, which proves that our solutions meet the market demands for electrification of vessels,”

The system delivery consists of Triton EMS (energy management system), DC panels, hotel load inverters, electric motors with inverters, CCS shore connection for charging and a 904 kWh Spear Trident Versa battery system. The rebuild will start during third quarter of 2023, and the vessel is expected to be back in operation from January 2024.

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