Sep 12, 2022 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

The first 6UEC33LSH-C2 type main engine, developed by Japan Engine Corporation (J-Eng), has been completed by overseas licensee Zhejiang Yungpu Diesel Engine Co (YDE) located in Ningbo, China.

This first 6UEC33LSH-C2 type main engine will be installed on a coastal bulk carrier built by Yizheng Yangzi Shipbuilding Industry Co. The UEC33LSH-C2 type main engine was developed as a strategic core engine for UE licensing business to strengthen the line-up of the LSH series which have received substantial numbers of orders. It is characterised by an ultra-wide rating (approximately 34% larger than the original rating) that covers a wide range from low to high engine speed so that it can be closely matched for various type of vessels such as small bulk carriers, chemical tankers, cement carriers, and LPG carriers.

This new engine meets the strong demands for energy saving and environment-friendliness due to tightened regulations. It basically applies for the structures and specifications of the latest technologies from LSH series engine and furthermore reduces mechanical loss and incorporates various design concepts such as a high performance turbocharger. Compared to the long-selling basic UE small engine, the UEC33LSII, even as the same mechanical type, about 4% lower fuel oil consumption can be achieved. For compliance with IMO NOx Tier 3 regulations, a low-pressure SCR system which enables flexible layout is adopted.

This engine was developed and launched into the market in a very short period under the close cooperation between J-Eng and YDE in order to capture the booming demands for replacement of coastal vessels in China, and YDE already has orders for 10 engine sets.

Triggered by the completion of the first UEC33LSH-C2 type engine, J-Eng will aim to further expand UE licensing business by increasing orders and expanding its market share by targeting the coastal vessel markets based on strong cooperation with domestic and overseas licensees.

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