Jul 9, 2024 | Marine environment & clean shipping news

Burgundy wine producer Maison Joseph Drouhin says it is taking a new step in its sustainability commitment by announcing its first wine shipment by sail power.

In partnership with TOWT (TransOceanic Wind Transport), 15,000 bottles of 2022 Chablis and Côte de Beaune white wines will set sail in summer 2024 aboard the Anemos for a voyage between Le Havre and New York.

This initiative is considered to  represent a strong commitment for the Beaune, France-based company, adopting this sustainable mode of transport in line with its environmental approach. This carbonless navigation allows for a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 98% reduction in SOx emissions while ensuring the quality and integrity of the wines during the 15-day voyage. This first transatlantic voyage under sail is expected to become a regular occurrence, with two annual shipments planned in the coming years.

This initiative by Maison Joseph Drouhin is based on its core values: Passion, Harmony, Audacity, Regenerative, Excellence (PHARE, ‘Lighthouse’ in French).

Chairman Frédéric Drouhin said: “Today, the employees of Maison Joseph Drouhin and I are proud of our actions that go beyond the CSR approach. It represents not only our core values but also our commitment to a better future for our planet and future generations. Our goal for 2030 is to be a model in our choices for preserving the wine heritage and ensuring its resilience in the face of internal and external climatic and human challenges.”

The Anemos is part of the new generation of sail cargo ships from TOWT. Currently being completed in Concarneau, the ship will soon be inaugurated in Le Havre before departing for New York. At 80m long with a cargo capacity of 1100t, Anemos is believed to be the largest and most efficient sailing cargo ship in its category. It is the first of eight vessels for the company.

Image: TOWT is providing sail transport for wine producer Maison Joseph Drouhin (source: TOWT)

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