Feb 5, 2024 | Ship classification news

Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) has announced the successful launch of ‘Dheu’, a new generation electric ferry constructed at Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers  (GRSE), Kolkata under IRS class.

The battery-powered electric catamaran ferry features full electric propulsion, a potential passenger capacity of 150, and has an aluminium hull and a FRP superstructure.

Designed to serve the Government of West Bengal, Dheu is a 24m long twin-hulled vessel equipped with a 246kW capacity liquid-cooled battery system which can be charged from a shore-based source or through deck-mounted solar panels that generate 18kW/h. In addition, the vessel incorporates an energy management system, which maximises the use of solar power to achieve speeds of up to 10 knots through two 50kW electric propulsion motors.

Built to IRS Guidelines for Battery Powered Vessels, Dheu marks India’s start of green energy in maritime transportation, eliminating carbon emissions associated with diesel engines. For added safety, the ship is equipped with a 50kW Emergency genset, ensuring lighting and power during emergencies.

IRS MD Vijay Arora said: “Dheu meets the requirements of our guidelines which we will continue to update as we gain more experience. This vessel not only marks a technological milestone in electric ferry technology, but also signifies the collaborative efforts of IRS and GRSE, ushering in a new era of sustainable and environmentally conscious maritime solutions.”

Image: ‘Dheu’ electric passenger ferry (source: IRS/Helix PR)

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