Jun 9, 2022 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Accelleron, as ABB Turbocharging is now known, has signed a partnership agreement with Hoppe Marine, a German provider of maritime measurement solutions, to facilitate rapid onboard data collection for Accelleron’s ’s digital solutions used in dedicated engine analysis.

In particular, Tekomar Xpert marine, Accelleron’s digital suite that delivers customers with insights into vessel hull and propeller performance, as well as emissions tracking and forecasting, will be further enhanced with continuous data connectivity.

Hoppe Marine has experience with data generating systems on board, including automation systems and sensors from different suppliers. This data is delivered in a structured and standardised way, and will enable Accelleron to pre-populate the input to Tekomar Xpert marine, thereby increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Mauro De Micheli, Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships for Digital solutions, Accelleron, said: “Having fast and accurate information is an essential basis for optimising vessel performance. This agreement will allow us to leverage Hoppe’s established onboard data collection services to serve our customers even better with value-adding analytic support. The data can be transferred swiftly and accurately, eliminating the need for manual data collection by the crew, and is essentially a ready-to-go system.”

Hoppe Marine’s system infrastructure is designed to enable the collection of data from a wide range of onboard systems. This eliminates the need for shipowners to install additional IoT solutions on board to provide data. This means that high quality data analytics can be carried out continuously, rather than being based on ad-hoc engine readings.

Hauke Hendricks, Head of Sales, Hoppe Marine, said:  “We are pleased to enter into this important cooperation agreement with Accelleron. Both companies are committed to supporting the maritime sector in its efforts to become carbon neutral. By working together to enable owners and operators to achieve fuel savings, emission reductions, and optimized engine performance, we are delivering concrete evidence of this commitment.”

Customers retain full control over their vessels’ data, and operational signals can be shared via ship-to-shore connectivity. Furthermore, by having enhanced and continuous readings to provide engine and vessel insights, trends become quickly apparent enabling any required actions to be promptly taken. No cabling or wiring onboard ship is required to connect the two systems.

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