Jan 23, 2024 | Marine fuel & lubricant news

Carbon-free power solutions company Amogy and eFuels  provider Infinium have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore opportunities to integrate their technologies and develop commercial applications across the eFuels and ammonia value chain.

To accelerate the decarbonisation of heavy industry sectors such as maritime, the companies will jointly study and identify the most suitable applications to deploy their eFuels and ammonia solutions. A key focus of this collaboration is the potential integration of Amogy’s ammonia-cracking technology to provide low-cost, accessible green hydrogen feedstock for the production of Infinium’s eFuels.

Infinium eFuels, also known as electrofuels or Power-to-X, are made from green hydrogen and waste carbon dioxide (CO2) in a proprietary process. Amogy’s ammonia-cracking technology leverages catalyst materials to crack ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen at lower reaction temperatures with high durability, reducing heating and maintenance requirements.

Upon identifying promising applications, Infinium and Amogy will initiate strategic pilot programmes, showcasing tangible and scalable implementations of their clean technology solutions. The partnership entails the evaluation of additional opportunities for collaboration within the eFuels and ammonia spaces, with a focus on the development of commercial use cases.

Robert Schuetzle, CEO Infinium said: “Ingenuity and collaboration are critical to creating decarbonisation solutions today. Our partnership with Amogy will go a long way toward helping advance our ability rapidly scale the production of ultra-low carbon Infinium eFuels, including eSAF, eDiesel and eNaphtha.”

Seonghoon Woo, CEO Amogy added: “We are thrilled to forge this alliance with Infinium. By uniting our expertise and resources, we aim to unlock innovative opportunities that will pave the way for sustainable solutions. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to accelerating technologies that can contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in the heavy industry sectors.”

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has invested in both Infinium and Amogy and is exploring potential collaboration for new solutions and applications.

Ricky Sakai, SVP New Business Development, MHI America said: “Decarbonising heavy industries requires numerous approaches that can concurrently and collaboratively help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. We are excited to see how Amogy’s emission-free, energy-dense ammonia solution and Infinium’s proprietary eFuels production process might be aligned to overcome challenges and accelerate the global availability of commercial decarbonisation solutions.”

SK Trading International (SKTI) invests in solutions that contribute to addressing climate change and environmental pollution and is an investor in Infinium while its mother company SK Innovation has invested in Amogy.

Hyunchol Park, MD and Head of Global Trading, SKTI said: “Our global goals to slow the warming of the planet require significant efforts so they can quickly scale, find synergies, and explore new pathways. Infinium and Amogy are leaders in their progress and proven solutions, and I believe their partnership will result in the identification of breakthrough opportunities to expand and grow access to cleaner fuels.”

Image: Infinium eFuel plant (credit: Infinium/Fama PR)

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