Apr 4, 2023 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

Japan Engine Corporation (J-Eng) has signed a technical agreement with Akasaka Diesels to promote the development and popularisation of engines operating on next-generation fuels.

J-Eng considers efforts to realise carbon neutral is one of the most important issues of management strategy, and as the licensor of the UE engine, J-Eng is proceeding with the development of ammonia fuel engines and hydrogen fuel engines under the Green Innovation Fund project by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

In addition, the technology developed and used in these next-generation fuel engines can be applied not only to ammonia and hydrogen, but also to a wide variety of new fuels such as methanol, and has the wide potential for future development.

As the movement toward realisation of a decarbonised society accelerates, J-Eng will further deepen and strengthen the cooperation with Akasaka, a UE engines manufacturer under UE license as a domestic licensee for many years, to promote the development and popularisation of next-generation fuel engines with this technical agreement. J-Eng will accelerate efforts to realise a decarbonised society and promote the development of the shipping, shipbuilding, and marine machinery industries and will contribute to sustainable development.

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