Jun 16, 2022 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

Japan Engine Corporation (J-Eng) has proposed EPL (Engine Power Limitation) as an effective solution, and has published the relevant technical information, to assist users of its UE-series two-stroke engines, to comply with IMO EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index) regulations.

The technical information proposes, for non-electronically-controlled engines, various technical solutions such as a simple locking wire on the mechanical limiter, resetting of governor’s limiter, and governor system modification with a recording device. For electronically-controlled engines (UEC-Eco engines), modification of operation software will be applicable to meet customers’ needs.

The EPL solutions can be applied before the start of EEXI regulations, in January 2023. J-Eng’s EPL solutions have been available for about one year and have received many orders so far.

At about six months to start of the EEXI regulation, and considering the possible rapid increase of technical inquires and/or rush work orders, J-Eng will cooperate with Akasaka Diesels and Chinese licensees to promote the EPL solutions for the UE family, by prompt supply of EPL related parts.

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