Nov 21, 2023 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Bergen-headquartered training provider Mintra has unveiled a new model of immersive digital learning course which includes Kongsberg Digital cloud-based simulations.

The first courses to launch focus on a vessel’s engine room operations and include technical training modules designed with specialists who have a deep understanding of the nuances of engine room operations. Subsequent courses in production will focus on areas such as cargo and navigation.

This new solution is intended to transform the way maritime training is currently undertaken. The new course model weaves together a comprehensive learning framework that merges interactive digital learning and assessment with practical skills through simulation. The outcome is said to be a technically accurate, high-quality, cloud-based, immersive learning experience that enables seafarers to seamlessly master essential theoretical and practical skills anywhere at any time.

The new solution is the result of a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Mintra’s innovation team and Kongsberg’s Digital simulator experts. The courses will be provided on Mintra’s learning and competency platform, Trainingportal, which has been specifically designed for safety-critical industries. The launch of the first immersive training module signifies a major step forward in the realism and effectiveness of maritime training, setting new industry standards for remote training that puts the learner experience and safety above all else.

On Mintra’s Trainingportal platform, learners complete digital modules and then transition seamlessly to the simulator, where specially crafted exercises put their knowledge into practice, further embedding understanding and enhancing skills. The immersive course design ensures seafarers gain an enriching learning experience, equipping them with skills that are applicable onboard before they embark on their maritime journeys. Both the theoretical and practical components of the course need to be completed for seafarers to pass.

Siren Berge, CTO Mintra, said: “We are passionate about delivering value and more impactful learning experiences to our customers. In collaboration with Kongsberg Digital, we have combined two industry-leading technologies to offer seafarers the next generation of immersive learning. Theoretical digital learning and assessment are now seamlessly integrated with the corresponding practical exercises on Trainingportal. One platform, one contract and with consolidated reporting.”

Føllesdal Tjønn, MD Maritime Simulation, Kongsberg Digital, added: “Kongsberg Digital’s simulation technology is shaping the future of work. With our cloud-based simulation solutions, we empower advanced learning and retraining anytime and anywhere. The collaboration with Mintra positions Kongsberg Digital at the forefront of fuelling technological advancement in maritime and supports the industry in adopting new ways of working.”

Both Mintra and Kongsberg Digital are committed to leveraging their expertise to roll out further training solutions that align with contemporary needs and anticipate the future requirements of an ever-evolving maritime landscape.

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