Oct 24, 2023 | Water & waste management news

Erma First has received South Korean flag Type Approval for its Erma First Fit ballast water treatment system (BWTS).

Awarded by the administration of the Republic of Korea, the Erma First Fit BWTS is now one of the few non-domestic systems to hold such type approval, which is an essential requirement for systems being installed on South Korean flagged vessels.

Konstantinos Stampedakis (pictured), co-founder and MD Erma First, said: “Erma First has been supporting shipowners in Asia for many years and this type approval opens up a whole new market for the Erma First Fit BWTS ahead of the D2 Ballast Water Performance Standard deadline, in September 2024. We are delighted to have received this approval from the administration of the Republic of Korea. The addition of the Korean type approval means the system is now triple-accredited where Korean-flagged vessels are concerned, as it also holds IMO and USCG Type Approvals.”

Seong-Kyu Chae, VP Magna Mare, Erma First’s agent in South Korea, added: “This is a meaningful milestone for Erma First in the Korean market. According to Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, around 9,000 vessels fly the South Korean flag, 2,000 of which are merchant ships. There is a huge opportunity to support vessels under the South Korean flag to meet the BWMS D2 standard using Erma First’s reliable and proven technologies, and Magna Mare is proud to serve Erma First and its customers in the region.”

The Erma First Fit BWTS is a modular system suitable for both newbuild and retrofit projects. The major components of the system include a backwash filter and electrolytic cell that perform to the highest standard. Covering a capacity range of 50 – 3740 m3/h and certified for operation in challenging conditions, the Erma First Fit BWTS is suitable for all types and sizes of ships.

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