Sep 7, 2023 | Ship classification news

KR (Korean Register) has granted an Approval in Principle (AiP) to Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) for an innovative 200,000m3 Ultra-Large Ammonia Carrier running on Ammonia Fuel.

A joint development project (JDP) between KR and SHI resulted in the development of this ultra-large ammonia carrier featuring an ammonia fuel system. The carrier is a green ship designed to carry large quantities of ammonia, using the cargo as fuel, and has zero CO2 emissions during operation.

Ammonia, known for its distinctive odour that aids quick leak detection is also relatively lightweight, allowing effective control of leaking gases. It offers the benefit of low explosive properties. However, it presents certain challenges such as corrosive properties towards metals and toxicity, necessitating meticulous safety-focused design considerations.

In this project, SHI carried out the conceptual design of the fuel system and the basic design of the vessel, taking into account ammonia’s unique characteristics. Additionally, SHI devised systems for fuel supply, ventilation, and gas monitoring tailored to the ammonia fuel system. The basic design was completed to meet classification rules to ensure the safety of the enlarged tank and hull.

KR verified the safety of the ammonia fuel system and supported the optimisation of the tank and hull structure. The classification society verified the design suitability of the ultra-large ammonia carrier by thoroughly reviewing domestic and international regulations.

Jang Haeki, EVP (CTO) SHI Engineering Operations, said: “Clean ammonia is an environmentally friendly energy source and is expected to play a significant role in energy transportation in the future hydrogen society. Ultra-large ammonia carriers will also be in demand in the future to handle the increasing volume of cargo. This approval of the ultra-large ammonia ship with ammonia fuel system enables rapid commercialisation, and we will continue to make our efforts to develop green technologies to lead the next-generation ship market.”

Kim Yeontae, EVP KR Technical Division, said: “Through this project, the two companies have laid an important foundation for the commercialisation of ultra-large ammonia ships. KR will continue to provide outstanding technical support for the development of green ships in cooperation with various stakeholders in the shipping industry.”

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