Sep 21, 2022 | Water & waste management news

French UV water treatment company Bio-UV Group has signed a major supply deal with luxury yacht builder Baglietto for several Bio-Sea ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) for newbuild projects.

The agreement, which builds on the success of Baglietto’s Bio-Sea installations over the past two years, will see the BWTS manufacturer roll out ten L01-0030 low flow systems over the next 12 months. Bio-UV Group’s scope of supply includes five skid-mounted units for the builder’s 52m T52 line and five pre-assembled modular systems for its DOM 133 line. Each system, designed to treat flow rates up to 30m3/h, will be delivered with a yacht-standard white finish.

The yard’s technicians will carry out the installation work, with the BWTS manufacturer’s Napoli-based certified service partner Tefin Marine Electronics Service Network, which will be responsible for the commissioning of each system. A key requirement was that each modular unit was supplied compact and pre-assembled prior to delivery for installation simplicity,

Maxime Dedeurwaerder, Business Unit Director, Bio-UV Group maritime division, said: “Our Bio-Sea engineering and design team was able to quickly adapt the system to meet the customer’s technical requirements and the limited space available in the machinery rooms,”

Each L-series is made from high quality marine components, is chlorine/chemical-free, and combines mechanical filtration with the right UV dose disinfection to provide yacht owners with what is said to be one of the most ecologically safe ballast water management solutions available.

Camille Cosson, Manager, Bio-Sea by Bio-UV Group yachts division, said: “For the low flow rates typical of this market, UV technology is widely considered the best way of protecting the sensitive marine ecosystem from non-indigenous invasive species. For super- and mega-yacht builders like Baglietto, another advantage is that the Bio-Sea L-series is very easy to install, operate and maintain. And with a 1.36m2 footprint it fits quite easily in engine rooms.”

Gianfranco Catanese, Sales and Service partner, Tefin, said: “For yacht builders committed to protecting our seas and oceans with state-of-the-art technology, Bio-Sea is the prefect ballast water treatment solution. This yacht builder has been very pleased with the robustness and small footprint of the units we have previously installed and commissioned and Bio-UV Group’s lead time perfectly matched Baglietto’s build schedules.”

Following the Covid pandemic demand for luxury yachts has seen a resurgence with the market expected to record CAGR of about 8% over the 2020-2025 period.

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