May 31, 2023 | Ship design & naval architecture news

Damen Shipyards Group has unveiled the latest vessel in its Compact Tugs product platform, the ASD Tug 2111, which, alongside the innovative ASD Tug 2312, offers proven technology with innovation to advance safety, sustainability, reliability, and efficiency.

Siebe Cieraad, Damen Product Portfolio manager said: “As sea-going ships continue to increase in size, new challenges are arising in ports. Tugs are required to operate – safely – with less space, at the same time needing increased power to perform. This 21m harbour tug with 50t bollard pull is therefore a very exciting addition to our portfolio.”

The ASD Tug 2111 features safety features includig a high freeboard, ample tumblehome enabling it to get safely up close to an assisted vessel, a full vision bridge providing a 360-degree view from the deck house and spacious, clutter-free decks due to the location of the winch in the deck house enabling fore and aft towing operations are conducted with a single winch.

The design features Damen’s closed loop keel cooling system which, by reducing the amount of on board sea water systems to an absolute minimum, lowers the amount of A new electric power generation system for the Compact Tugs range is able to create electricity by drawing on the ample available power of the main engines, reducing fuel consumption and emissions as a result.

A further boost to efficiency comes from the tug’s large 2.4m propeller, which offers increased thrust. The patented Damen Twin Fin aids course keeping and predictable sailing behaviour during both free sailing and bow to bow operations.

The vessel is provided with all necessary equipment to be remotely connected via the Damen triton system and is technically suited for two man operation.

Fitted as standard with IMO Tier II compliant engines, the ASD Tug 2111 can achieve IMO Tier III certification thanks to the optional Damen Emission Reduction System. This in house designed exhaust gas aftertreatment system reduces NOx emissions and can be retro-fitted in the existing exhaust silencers.

Additionally, Damen is working on full electric versions of its compact ASD tugs. These vessels will follow in the footsteps of the successful RSD-E Tug 2513, Damen’s first fully electric zero emissions tug, a milestone on the road to maritime decarbonisation.

Ceiraad said: “We are very pleased to announce this development in our Compact Tugs range and are looking forward to the next stages. In line with our construction of tugs in series for stock, we are already building six ASD Tugs 2111 at Damen Shipyards Changde. In this way, as of Q3 this year, we will be able to offer operators fast access to the latest in tug technology with all the increases in safety, sustainability, reliability, and efficiency this implies.”

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