Jun 22, 2023 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

Following on from the announcement that A.P. Moller–Maersk (Maersk), the Danish integrated logistics company, is to retrofit a container ship for operation on methanol fuel, MAN PrimeServ – MAN Energy Solutions’ after-sales division – has signed a contract for the retrofit of the main engines aboard 11 Maersk container vessels equipped with MAN B&W 8G95ME-C9.5 prime movers.

These will be retrofitted to dual-fuel MAN B&W 8G95ME-LGIM10.5 types capable of operation on fuel-oil/methanol. The first vessel will be retrofitted in mid-2024. PrimeServ will provide a solutions package comprising engineering, parts, project management, onsite technical assistance at the yard, sea-trial assistance and recertification service during the work.

Michael Petersen, SVP Head of PrimeServ Denmark, said: “Switching to low-carbon fuel is the most effective way to decarbonise the existing maritime fleet. In this respect, the container segment has led the maritime energy transition over the past two years with a large proportion of newbuildings opting for dual-fuel engines. Similarly, retrofits to dual-fuel also represent an excellent way to decarbonise while enabling shipowners to maintain their assets’ value and avoid the unnecessary building of additional tonnage.”

Klaus Rasmussen, Head of Projects and PVU Sales, MAN PrimeServ, said: “Part of our strategy is to act as a solution partner for our customers and help them attain their decarbonisation goals. In that context, these will be the first-ever methanol retrofits performed on two-stroke engines and will enable emissions reduction when operating on green methanol. Retrofitting an MAN B&W engine to dual-fuel running is straightforward as our standard, electronically-controlled ME-C diesel engines are constructed as ‘dual-fuel ready’ and therefore readily retrofittable.”

The retrofit contract closely follows the recent announcement of the completion of the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of the first engine in Maersk’s ‘Equinox’ class newbuildings that are to be equipped from delivery with MAN B&W 8G95ME-LGIM10.5 dual-fuel methanol engines.

MAN Energy Solutions developed the ME-LGIM dual-fuel engine for operation on methanol, as well as conventional fuel. The engine is based on the company’s ME-series, with about 8,500 engines in service, and works according to the Diesel principle. When operating on green methanol, the engine offers carbon-neutral propulsion for large merchant marine vessels. Currently more than 100 ME-LGIM engines are on order or in service, more than 50 of which are G95ME-C10.5-LGIM variants. Methanol carriers have operated at sea for many years using the engine, demonstrating a proven track record offering reliability and fuel efficiency.

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