Oct 21, 2022 | Maritime business news

Swedish company Echandia has promoted Fredrik Hellström, currently deputy CEO, to be its new CEO, with the aim of focusing on building a solid growing business and broadening the product portfolio.

Hellström joined Echandia in 2021, following more than 10 years’ experience of leadership in naval design and large-scale project management. He holds a PhD in Fluid Mechanics and a MSc in Naval Architecture.

Hellström said: “I feel honoured to be appointed as CEO of the company Magnus Eriksson founded and successfully led for many years. Echandia today has a world leading position in the development of advanced battery and fuel-cell systems for maritime and industrial applications. My focus will be on building a solid growing business and broaden our product portfolio together with our world class team.”

Current CEO and founder Magnus Eriksson takes on the position as Chief Strategy Officer and will focus on the development of Echandia’s product portfolio and technology IP, and thereby further strengthen the company’s long-term competitiveness.

Eriksson said: “The world’s largest fleet of electric ferries in Kochi, India, is equipped with our energy solutions, and so are the award-winning Copenhagen commuter-ferries. The major global shipyard Damen Shipyard in the Netherlands is a big customer. The CEO shift will increase our capacity – and thus, the ability to take Echandia to the next level.”

Hellström concluded: “With the skilled team we have today, and with Magnus focusing on strategic product development, we will make Echandia an even stronger company in the future. I look forward to sharing more details about our work and the new direction that we are pursuing. With great products and an attractive client list, Echandia is ready to accelerate its expansion and scale up the business.”

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