May 24, 2023 | Marine fuel & lubricant news

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding , a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, has completed delivery of an ammonia fuel supply system (FSS) for large low-speed two stroke marine engines, to Japan Engine Corporation (J-Eng), a Japanese manufacturer of marine engines, jointly owned by MHI and Kobe Diesel.

J-Eng is currently conducting tests of ammonia fuel under various conditions utilising an experimental, large-scale, low-speed two stroke marine engine located at the MHI Research and Innovation Centre. The ammonia FSS supplied by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding has been installed at MHI’s Nagasaki District facility, and supplies the ammonia fuel used to conduct the tests.

Ammonia, which emits no CO2 when combusted, is attracting attention as a fuel that contributes significantly to the reduction of GHG emissions in the maritime industry, and is expected to be utilised as stable clean energy in the future. Mitsubishi Shipbuilding aims to contribute to reducing GHG emissions in the maritime industry by manufacturing and supplying ammonia fuel supply systems for ships.

Under MHI Group’s strategy of advancement of the energy transition, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding intends to promote decarbonisation of the maritime industry as well as contribute to realising a carbon-neutral society and reduction of environmental load on a global scale, by utilising its technologies and expertise in ammonia handling accumulated through its experience in building multi-gas carriers for transporting LPG and ammonia.

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