Aug 1, 2022 | Maritime business news

MAN Energy Solutions has signed a licence agreement with Mitsui E&S Machinery (MES-M) of Japan under which MES-M will manufacture MAN’s latest TCT axial turbocharger series.

As one of the largest marine two-stroke engine builders, Mitsui has been a licencee of MAN Energy Solutions low-speed engines and turbochargers for several decades. The new agreement is due to run for 10 years and the partnership will enable Mitsui to provide the newest turbocharger technologies to the market.

Ichiro Tanaka, CEO MES-M, said: “Mitsui’s philosophy entails building trust through the products and services that we offer the market and this turbocharger agreement builds on that. I am happy to expand our relationship with MAN Energy Solutions, our long-standing partner, and am confident we will deliver significant value to our customers.”

Dr Daniel Struckmeier, Head of Sales and Licence Turbochargers, MAN Energy Solutions, said: “My great thanks to Mitsui for their constructive role during negotiations. Our new TCT series is based on years of hard-won experience and brings the best of turbocharger attributes to the market. This licence agreement will further enhance Mitsui’s appeal within the two-stroke engine segment while highlighting the TCT series’ strengths. I believe it will prove an important milestone for both companies on our respective paths to increasing market share globally.”

MAN-ES launched the TCT turbocharger series in 2019, starting with the TCT40, followed by the TCT30, TCT50 and TCT60. Ultimately, the series will comprise six frame sizes including TCT70 and TCT80 units.

The newly developed radial compressor and axial turbine are key components of the series. Both have been developed with new design features, backed by the latest simulation technologies, resulting in a compact and lightweight design. Thanks to its high charging efficiencies, wide compressor maps and ample matching options, TCT turbochargers can easily be matched to engines. Their variability covers not only a wide range of engine tuning options and fuel types, but also all new requirements of today’s exhaust-gas after-treatment systems for IMO Tier III operations.

In general, TCT turbochargers offer the following features:

  • long TBOs – high performance bearings
  • maintenance-friendly service concept resulting in low life-cycle costs
  • high specific flow rates, resulting in a compact and lightweight design    
  • low noise emissions
  • high efficiency levels.

For two-stroke engines, TCT-series turbochargers are suitable for engines ranging from 5.5 MW up to 24 MW per turbocharger. Typical applications include prime movers for container vessels, large bulk carriers or tankers.

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