Mar 14, 2023 | Shipbuilding & ship repair news

The newbuild coal carrier ‘Kagura’ owned by NYK and chartered to Chugoku Electric Power Co (EnerGia) has been delivered from Oshima Shipbuilding.

Under a long-term transport contract with EnerGia, the 235m 99,990 dwt vessel will use carbon offsets to theoretically reduce its GHG emissions to zero for the entire contracted voyage, making the marine transport of coal under the contract carbon neutral. Specifically, CERs (certified emission reductions) as credits (emission rights) for the GHG emissions of the entire contract voyage have been procured to offset the GHG emissions.

NYK promotes corporate activities that reduce environmental impact, actively engaging in activities to decarbonise marine transport. NYK has established ‘Sail Green’ as its ESG brand to emphasise its efforts to reduce GHG emissions through the transport of goods and contribute to the eco-friendly supply chains of customers.

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