May 18, 2023 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

Brunvoll has launched a new unit in the series of Rim Driven Tunnel Thrusters (RDT), in order to meet environmental concerns thanks to its efficiency, low noise and high reliability.

‍The latest unit in Brunvoll’s thruster family is the RDT2100 – a rim driven tunnel thruster of 2.1m propeller diameter and a power range up to 1600kW.  The RDT2100 has been developed as a result of market demand, with the first units destined for a SOV-project. The rim driven thruster is equipped with a permanent magnet (PM) motor integrated in the thruster unit. The PM-motor operates at a low speed and is combined with a large ring propeller with a high number of blades.

The Brunvoll RDT is designed as a compact and low-noise thruster;  as for all Brunvoll thrusters emphasis has been put on designing a competitive thruster with low life cycle costs.

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