Nov 29, 2022 | Ship design & naval architecture news

Breeze Ship Design, together with the Norwegian oil major Equinor, are to develop a ship design concept for a CO2 carrier for direct offshore injection, with main key design drivers being safe loading, transport, and offshore injection of CO2 with as low emissions as possible.

The vessel will be custom-designed for this application with a cargo capacity of about 40.000t of CO2. The trading area will be North Europe/Scandinavia with discharge locations in the North Sea Area. Propulsion will be based on ammonia dual fuel, with thrusters and propeller configuration optimised for harsh weather connection and disconnection to an offshore STL buoy, and for continuous high pressure CO2 injection to subsea well deformations.

Elisabeth Birkeland, VP CCS solutions, Equinor said: “Equinor believes that the direct injection concept is an interesting way to implement ship-based transport and injection solutions for CO2. We need to make sure the technical risks are reduced to an acceptable level and that the business case is sound. That is why this project is important.”

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a key enabler in the energy transition to a low carbon value chain, where seaborne CO2 transportation is an important part of the technology development. Breeze Ship Design has taken a leading role in several technology development projects driving the decarbonisation of shipping. Breeze Ship Design is currently involved in 10-15 zero/low emission ship design projects with dual-fuel propulsion systems based on Ammonia, Hydrogen, Methanol or other biofuels, in combination with novel combustion engines and fuel cell technology.

Reinert Nordtveit, COO Breeze Ship Design said: “We are proud and humble to be selected by Equinor as the designer for this development. The project fits well with Breeze Ship Design’s strategy to be a leading design company accelerating the energy transition to low carbon shipping. By combining our experience with offshore vessels and gas carriers we are confident we will be able to provide Equinor with novel solutions for their future investments in the CO2 value chain.”

Breeze Ship Design is a Norwegian ship design company located at Stord that offers innovative designs with focus on environmental compliance with known and future rules and regulations. The company rights to manage the former Wärtsilä Ship Design design-portfolio, including Wärtsilä Ship Design Norway, Vik-Sandvik and Skipskonsulent Wärtsilä Ship Design Germany, Schiffko and Wärtsilä Ship Design Singapore/Conan Wu & Associate. This design portfolio consists of more than 4000 vessels built, including some of the most advanced dual-fuel powered ships constructed.

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