Feb 16, 2023 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Oldendorff Carriers has recently opened a Centre of Excellence (CoE), at its new office premises in Dubai, including a ‘video wall’ to provide live information on the performance of its fleet of owned and time chartered vessels.

The facility is designed to harness the power of real time data, generating information for faster decision making and helping achieve cost efficiencies and lower emissions. Since 2017, Oldendorff Carriers has been installing fleet performance management technology onboard vessels. The CoE provides a platform with power to analyse and process big data received from the vessels. The analysed data is displayed in on the video wall allowing close monitoring of vessel performance. The CoE supports our pursuit to further improve the technical and operational efficiency of Oldendorff’s modern fleet of eco-ships.

Oldendorff Carriers has collaborated with Applied Research International (ARI) to build the customised Fleetview applications which enable live performance data of multiple vessels to be displayed simultaneously on the video wall. Visual displays of vessel position, speed, weather, fuel consumption, emissions, and additional performance data are continuously updated.

In addition, the CoE includes a bridge simulator and desk top engine simulator. These simulators have been customised by ARI for Oldendorff Carriers operations. The simulators will provide training in realistic maritime environments for safe operations, research and other purposes, to both ship and shore based staff.

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