Nov 3, 2023 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

Two-stroke engine fuel injection company OMT says it is reinforcing its ability to support shipping’s decarbonisation following the acquisition of the company in its entirety by Accelleron, completed in July 2023.

OMT is continuing to operate its global business independently as a stand-alone unit, retaining all employees, the company structure and the brand name. Together, Accelleron and OMT hope to advance the energy transition in shipping. Both companies remain committed to deepening relationships and collaborations with OEMs across all business segments.

The move is considered to reinforce both OMT’s and Accelleron’s positions as partners of choice and innovators in the development of alternative fuel technologies – such as methanol, ammonia and hydrogen – for marine engines and other large engine applications.

Former WinGD head Klaus Heim joined OMT in Turin, Italy in September 2023, from WinGD, Switzerland, where he held the position of the CEO from 2018. Prior to this, Heim was CTO at OMT for six years. As a member of Accelleron’s Extended Management Team, Heim reports to Accelleron CEO Daniel Bischofberger. Heim has now officially taken over the position of OMT CEO.

Heim said: “Under the new umbrella of Accelleron, OMT is in a superior position to enhance its business development capabilities and strengthen its market position in the large two-stroke and four-stroke fuel injection segment. Having had the privilege of working with OMT in the past, as well as with Accelleron as a business partner for many years, I am eager to start my new role as CEO of OMT. I look forward to leading the company’s transition and driving its strategic growth in the years to come.”

Bischofberger added: “With Klaus Heim, we have gained an experienced CEO with an outstanding track record of expertise on large engines and fuel injection, who knows OMT as their former CTO very well. At the same time, we would like to express our deep respect for Gianni Musso’s life achievement of making OMT the highly successful company that it is today.”

Outgoing OMT President and CEO Musso said: “After many years in the positions of President and CEO of OMT, it is a great pleasure for me to pass the leadership of the company to Klaus Heim. His great experience in the marine industry together with his deep knowledge of OMT and its product portfolio will be a strong pillar for the future growth and success of the company.”

Like the turbocharger, fuel injection is seen as a mission-critical and performance-defining engine component with intensive service needs. As dual-fuel engine installations become the standard in shipping, OMT expects significant growth opportunities, allowing customers to choose to run their vessels on alternative fuels – methanol or ammonia – as they become available on the market. The extended technology portfolio, improved customer service offering and progress in digitalisation is expected to have a long-lasting positive effect on OMT’s growth.

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