Mar 13, 2023 | offshore marine news

Norwegian propulsion company Brunvoll has received an order from Simon Møkster Shipping to replace the existing dynamic positioning system onboard offshore supply vessel ‘Stril Mar’.

Brunvoll will deliver a BruCon DP2 control system with four manoeuvring positions, reusing existing sensors and position references. Stril Mar will be upgraded with a battery and new energy management system, and the existing DP control system will be replaced with the new system from Brunvoll. The vessel was delivered from Astilleros Gondan shipyard in 2016 and the design is from the former Rolls-Royce Marine. The vessel is now under a long-term contract with Equinor, and these upgrades are part of that cooperation

Tom Karlsen, CTO Simon Møkster Shipping said: “We have had a long and successful partnership with Brunvoll for over 40 years, and we found it very exciting that Brunvoll expanded its portfolio to also include DP control systems. We are confident that Brunvoll will deliver high quality this time as well.”

Brunvoll is pleased to have secured the contract in strong competition with other suppliers.

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